Why should my child go?

In a majority of the church, the need for safe places, has not diminished. One of most vulnerable groups, is that of youth. TheQ Christian Fellowship Youth Retreat is designed to be a safe place for youth of all orientations to explore their faith and be treasured for who they are. We would love for your child to know that they are always loved unconditionally and they can make a difference in this world.

Who are counselors and staff?

All of the event help for the Youth Retreat have had background checks and experience with youth ministry. We would love for you to “meet” us! Read our bios on our Staff page.

Can you provide for my child in case of a mental or health emergency?

Yes! We have counselors on staff and a team specifically designed to care for ALL the health needs of students (be that typical or emergency needs). We have devised a code of conduct and specific policy to put into place should an emergency occur. This plan absolutely includes informing parents/ guardians in the case of an emergency.

Are you trying to convert my child to a specific set of beliefs or orientation?

Not at all. The reason that we believe having an LGBTQ+ Christian camp is important is because we realize that ALL humans are composed of a plurality of identities. We CAN be BOTH a Christian and support LGBTQ+ people. We do not want to create an atmosphere of conditionality. This means we want to put an end to the trend in which organizations (particularly religious organizations) state that a person's worth is tied directly to what they believe. In the end we want youth to be safe and loved. Unconditionally.

Why do I have to notarize documents?

We ask for document notarization for the protection of retreat participants. As this is a national retreat, students could come from anywhere in the U.S.  Having the medical and release forms notarized adds one more level of protection guaranteeing that a parent or guardian knows where their child is.

Who can come to the retreat?

Parents/Guardians are welcome to accompany their child on the trip to the retreat, but the retreat is reserved exclusively for LGBTQ+ and ally youth between the ages of 14-19

What will housing arrangements look like?

We will be staying in dormitories at the church. We will be separated by gender and will have counselors will be assigned to each of the dormitories.

Will there be more camps like this?

ABSOLUTELY!! This is simply the first of MANY more retreats and camps sponsored by Q Christian Fellowship. It is about time that we created more inclusive youth retreats, youth ministries and youth platforms that totally affirm LGBT youth and allies. This is only the beginning!

What if we can’t afford this?

Don't worry, we do have scholarships available! Please email us at youth@qchristian.org for more details as these are handled on a case by case basis.

How do I contact you?

There are two ways in which you can contact those of us at the youth retreat. Before the kickoff of the retreat we encourage everyone to get a hold of us through email at youth@qchristian.org. After you register each parent or guardian will be given a phone number before the start of the retreat that you can contact us at any time!