Do I have to believe certain things about how the LGBTQ identity and the church intersect?

The Q Christian Fellowship (the youth retreat’s parent organization) is designed to create a safe atmosphere for all LGBTQ+ Christians and allies. We do not condone or approve of reparative/conversion or ex-gay ideologies, as we see them to be harmful to well...everyone.  Q Christian Fellowship distinguishes itself as a place safe for both Side A, and Side B Christians:

  • Side B Christians: Believe that the LGBTQ identity cannot be changed. However they believe that the Bible only supports heterosexual relationships. Therefore those who identify as LGBTQ Christians should remain celibate.
  • Side A Christians: Believe that the LGBTQ identity cannot be changed. They also believe that LGBTQ relationships are holy, and the Bible doesn’t condemn loving, healthy relationships between same sex couples.

Q Christian Fellowship doesn’t promote or encourage either Side A or Side B. Rather we create an environment that is loving to all those no matter where they find themselves theologically.

We believe that it is vastly important to create safe spaces in which we are not trying to convert people to one ideology, rather we love people for WHO they are.

Who goes to this retreat?

This retreat is designed for LGBTQ+ and ally youth ages 14-19.

What will we do at the retreat?

Tons of fun stuff!  We have been working and dreaming of this retreat for a long time. We would love for this to be similar to other Christian youth retreats, with a few major differences.  We want there to be activities for both introverted and extroverted students. 

Where do I sleep?

As registration rolls out we are working on creating room assignments. There are dormitories at the church and they will be will be separated by gender, and counselors will be assigned to each dormitory.

What will I eat?!

Food will be typical retreat food. However, we are very aware of food allergies and specific diet plans. After registering attendees will receive medical forms in which you can describe your specific dietary conditions. We will definitely be providing meals that ALL attendees can eat and enjoy!

Who will be my counselor?

Specific counselors all depend on what dormitory you are assigned to. However we have a GREAT team lined up. Before you arrive at the retreat you can “meet” us by reading up on our bios, and seeing our pictures over on our staff page.

Will there be other retreats like this one?

ABSOLUTELY!! This is simply the first of MANY more retreats and camps sponsored by Q Christian Fellowship. It is about time that we created more inclusive youth retreats, youth ministries and youth platforms that totally affirm LGBT youth and allies. This is only the beginning!